Aligning teams and making the most out of conversations that matter the most

This program offers theoretical and experiential wisdom to immerse participants fully in the science and art of difficult conversations that make a crucial positive difference. In doing so, it also explores the purpose, mission and common values among team members that enable them to bond and work better together.


All benefits of our programm at a glance

  • Distinguish between conversation, debate and dialogue

  • Review and experience the 4 levels of listening

  • Grasp skills for taking control of conversations

  • Learn how to get the most information and wisdom out of those with whom you speak

  • Understand other’s style preference and how best to match yours to them when working together

  • Make others feel respected and heard under stress

  • Use movement, creativity, arts, music and games to support and enhance learning and depth

  • Practice compelling storytelling: what will others think, feel and do after listening to you?

Acquire new skills that encourage innovative brainstorming and information collection

Product Information

 Initial 2 day program which can be then followed up by regular 1 day follow ups every 6 months.

A. Key Questions, Target Group and Promise

  • “How successful are you at managing really difficult conversations?”

  • “How often do you feel not well listened to and misunderstood in stressful, hectic or chaotic situations?”

  • “How easily can you confront coworkers, seniors or clients?

  • “When is the last time you had a meaningful conversation with a coworker, senior or client where you learned something new?”

  • “How much do your teammates know about you and you about them when it comes to values, purpose and mission?”T

This 2-day program brings cutting-edge listening, speaking and information-gathering techniques. It is designed for high performers who want to optimize their time in conversations and teams and guarantee quality results.

B. The workshop is experiential, introspective, reflective and energetic. Prepare to be surprised with what you learn about others and yourself.

C. At the end of this program you will able to steer and guide difficult conversations and feel more connected with your team when doing so.

You will reach your greatest desired results and leave others feeling heard, respected and cared for.

  • Feel confident handling crucial conversations

  • Establish stronger relationships at work

  • Increase your credibility and trustworthiness

  • Know your own values and those that are collectively held by your team

Target audience

Teams from top leadership to employee groups.

These are the possible variants of the program:

“Crucial Conversation Invitations

Duration: 1 Day

Crucial Conversations Intensive

Duration: 2 Days

We support you with possible variants of the program.

Please contact us for a first workshop (Duration: 1 Day), or a Crucial Conversation Intensive-Workshop (Duration: 2 Days) plus 0,5 – 1 Day Follow up.

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