The HBC Principle

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The HBC-Principle is:

  • Integrated and integral
  • Co-creative
  • Connecting human touch and performance orientation
  • Touching the inner issues to transform the outer issue
  • Focusing on personal breakthrough experiences
  • Applying proven interventions
  • Providing measurable results, e.g. by means of Barrett Values Assessment
Corporate cultures can be transformed if issues that can be measured as well as issues that can be experienced are taken into account and are managed by individuals and groups.

Hendrik Backerra

A different kind of coaching.
Shaping the transformation process with heart and mind.

The HBC team supports executives, teams and organizations in achieving their ambitious objectives.

We create an atmosphere in which you can understand and approach the necessary transformation with heart and mind. We assist you in creating an inspiring vision and subsequently plan the next steps to make this vision come true.

We support you in mastering crises together as a team, emerging even stronger than before, by transforming limitations into opportunities.

Supported by HBC, the strength of the emotional intelligence and empathy of your team will increase. Conflicts between people will be resolved and the foundation for cooperation based on mutual trust will be created.

We create an atmosphere which enables in-depth human learning within the scope of our projects. Perspectives will be changed: economic activity will no longer be perceived as a soulless maximization of profits but as a sound, reasonable process of living and creating common values.

Global and local. With established companies and newcomers. From old economy to blue economy, production or service, whether just giving an impetus or providing long-term support.

Enjoy our professional support. We will cooperate with you and your team in a competent and innovative way, adding a human touch to everything we do.

Professional and straight forward , based on communication and interaction characterized by mutual trust.