Unlearning everything you know

Nowadays even a Masters degree doesn’t grant you a round of applause. It seems like the pressure is only increasing to acquire as many degrees, diplomas and certifications as possible in order to stay competitive, sharp and ready for an unknown tomorrow.


HBC is now a certified Neurocolor partner.

We at HBC have discovered that the groundbreaking work of Neurocolor can be very beneficial for companies undergoing change and wanting to get ready for the future.

Werte geben Halt in unruhigen Zeiten

Im Interview spricht Hendrik Backerra, Experte für Kulturwandel in Unternehmen weltweit, darüber, wie Werte den Veränderungsprozess steuern, was vielfältige Teams erfolgreich macht und wie Führungskräfte dazu beitragen können, eine stabile Wertekultur zu verankern.

Completion of the Master Class of Barrett in Germany

The german Tour: “Building a Values-driven organization” of Richard Barrett completes with Master Class on the 21st of April The event in Berlin marks the peak of a lecture and workshop tour, that will without doubt remain in positive memory for everyone involved. It was a week full of new knowledge and engrossing understanding.