Development Journeys

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New perspectives are frequently required to lead employees. Moreover, new options need to be considered. Follow Hendrik Backerra Consulting on an inspiring development journey.

Development Journeys with HBC are:

  • Powerful
  • Pragmatic and proven in real life
  • Directly feasible in corporate life

Your benefits:

  • Authentic management behavior based on inner certainty
  • Actions in conformity with heart and mind
  • Ability to lead through transformation safely

Die Themen:

  • Strategic and innovative thinking
  • Key account management: consultative selling
  • Design of a Corporate University in terms of content and setup

Taking actions in a focused and courageous way with heart and mind.

Executives increasingly face situations which require more than just the management of resources. They require strategic thinking as well as a management style which involves employees and colleagues in the process of shaping the future.

Executives learn about new perspectives in state-of-the-art management within the scope of customized in-house workshops. Proven approaches are applied to actual challenges in their teams. The participants of the workshops and your organization will directly benefit from this approach.

The methods of strategic thinking are trained in practical exercises. Building relationships based on trust as well as emotionally intelligent handling of disappointment and difficult situations will be strengthened. Techniques regarding inspiring team management as well as conducting difficult conversations are taught within the scope of the workshops. Executives, however, have to manage one person above all: themselves. Therefore, the methods of self-management are taught in the workshops very practically.

Make yourself and your colleagues ready to face the challenges to come.