Change Coaching

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Our change coaching enables you to emerge from difficult corporate situations stronger than before and become aware of your own qualities as well as new priorities. Hendrik Backerra Consulting will support you in meeting this challenge.

Change Coaching by HBC is:

  • Individual
  • Insightful
  • Strengthening
  • Clarifying
  • Emotionally intelligent

Your benefits:

  • Fulfilling your own leadership potential
  • Achieving organizational objectives
  • Developing team management skills
  • Facilitating restructuring efforts


  • The first 100 days in a new management position
  • Performance increase in the department
  • Restructuring of processes within an organization
  • Managing critical situations
  • Leveraging and developing hidden values and living the “flow”

There are challenges, transition periods and decision-making situations in an executive’s life which can be managed deliberately and more effectively by means of individual coaching.

Our Change Coaching is starting from the external challenges and the personal “flow” experience of the coachee, i.e. the coachee’s individual way to cope with challenges with a positive feeling. This way, dealing with challenges will be an enriching experience, and the actual success will help you to grow personally.

Individual advancement, which is necessary to accomplish common goals, is achieved by means of coaching selected executives within the scope of cultural transformation processes.

Powerful 360 degree feedback tools such as The Leadership Circle and Barrett Values Assessment can support the coaching process.

Duration and contents of the coaching as well as the approach applied will be agreed upon in advance.

The business coaches of HBC, who have many years of experience in their field, offer vigorous intuitive support that is professionally straight forward in an atmosphere of mutual trust.