About Daniel Ludevig

Daniel Ludevig specializes in embodiment facilitation.

His expertise lies in facilitating deep conversations for organizations and systems using a cutting-edge embodiment and creativity approach to address transformational change around culture, communication and strategy.

Curriculum Vitae

Daniel lives in Berlin and works with clients internationally. Daniel brings together insights from the systemic change “Theory U” and his own movement methodology to support organizations through the discovery of their collective wisdom and how to produce sustainable results. His teachings and facilitations emphasize change transformation through topics like deep listening, leading and following, mindfulness and awareness, innovation, creativity and system dynamics. He also stands at the forefront of the “applied-arts in business” field by balancing left-brain business consulting with right-brain embodied technology. As such he works with companies and conferences worldwide addressing difficult communication, conflict-resolution, leadership development and culture transformation by partnering CEO’s, top-management and employees and integrating profound wisdom from dance, movement, sculpture building and other art forms.



Daniel’s skillfulness is evident in his deeply provocative questions as well as his capacity to listen to the greatest potential and wisdom of his clients and their organizations. His own involvement with the arts (a classical pianist and professional swing dancer) along with his degrees in psychology and economics provide him with a range of practices, principles and methods with which he co-creates and accompanies his clients’ learning journeys. He is a member of the AACORN network and certified in Barrett Values Assessment and Hogan Assessment tools. He has also completed study of Advanced Social Presencing Theater under the auspices of Arawana Hayashi from MIT’s Presencing Institute.

Daniel is a performer/keynote-speaker and author of his most recent academic paper exploring the power of embodied knowledge in unlocking business potential.