Sustainability Development Goals

Sustainability Development Goals

How we can implement practically our aspirations to support the Sustainability Development Goals?

We need to adapt the way we live our lives and company set-ups very fast to meet the Sustainability Development Goals.


As part of the V20 Group I wrote a paper with my colleagues with the title: “BRINGING VALUES ON THE ROAD: VALUES BASED INTEGRAL INITIATIVE AND PROJECT MANAGEMENT (VIPM)”


The Values 20 Group is a knowledge-sharing platform connecting values experts to advise on G20’s policymaking via a values-based approach. Every year a team of another country takes the lead. Last year it was Italy, this year it will be lead by an Indonesia team. Our hypothesis is that strategic initiatives and their associated projects serve as the major vehicle through which this transformation is delivered. Therefore we need to increase their success rate by radically changing the way we operate them.


In this article we integrate our experience in integral project management and value based team development into a coherent framework.


I hope this article inspires you and your organization to re-think he way your plan and execute projects.


We offer several services associated with this approach:

– Customization of a project management approach to the needs of your organization

– Strategic top-team alignment

– Upskilling your project teams via online or in-person learning journeys

– Coaching for project leaders


Let make the needed transformation happen together and co-create a world we would like to live in.

V20 2021 Sharing – bringing values on the road
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