“Get Connected” is the joint work of a group of highly experienced transformation consultants. It is intended to provide team leaders with a practical toolkit for building teams and developing team culture. As a “do-it-yourself” package, it provides a structure, processes and methods for team development and supports you in questioning the way you have been working so far, questioning your assumptions and creating the connection you long for.


“Get Connected” is aimed at all those involved in cultural transformation and offers them 25 proven dialogue exercises. These can be used for individual tasks or as a set of instruments that build on each other in a cultural development process.


Hendrik Backerra was actively involved in the German translation of this important practical guide to team culture development. It is an aid from the practical work of the community, which also uses Richard Barrett’s Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT) and the Values Centre to address value orientation and new leadership approaches. It is also a basic part of the portfolio and work of Hendrik Backerra Consulting. Andrea Maria Bokler took the initiative here and brought together experienced consultants from the German-speaking community.

To read or download the practical guide for team culture development, please click here. It is available in English and German.

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