Joining the CTT Conference 2016 and the 6th National Value Meeting in Toronto, Canada

I am excited to join the upcoming CTT International Conference 2016 in Toronto, Canada – September 28th-30th, 2016 as well as the National & Community Value Meeting the two days before. The Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT) created by Richard Barrett in my opinion is a strong toolset gladly used to support transformational journeys to enable leading from the emerging future.

As a facilitator and coach focussing on teamalignment – connecting and bonding – I understand values as key. Even the increasing complexity of (business) life today is fostering a shift in consciousness to a more sustainable way of operating.

The last CTT International Conference 2014 in Stockholm, Sweden, various sectors of society met to forge and deepen new and powerful relationships. By focusing on personal, organisational, national and global transformation, leaders and change agents had an opportunity share, learn and build community around taking the vision of building a values-driven society into action.

Focussing on “Values-Driven Leadership in Business and Societies”, the upcoming event will bring leaders and practitioners together to further the journey towards conscious evolution. It is meant to cultivate authentic inquiry, curiosity, learning, and growth by providing both inspiration and practical tools for application.

The idea of this conference is for leaders and change agents to collaborate and innovate, linking real world challenges to universal wisdom and emergent best practice. I am looking forward to experience and contribute to this important conversation about values and making a difference.

In combination with this years conference, the 6th National & Community Values Meeting will take place Sept. 26/27th, 2016, as well in Toronto Canada. Over the last 6 years, a group of National Values Assessment practitioners have been coming together to share stories and lessons learned. The cross pollination of knowledge and insight is seen as immensely valuable to the developing art of working with values from a societal perspective. As I am interested in regional values work, I will join, learn and participate.

During the week of the Conference I will share my impressions with you on Facebook via the HBC page. Afterwards I plan to communicate further impressions, insights and my main learnings of these events.

Leading your organization  with clear values are key – Facilitator Hendrik Backerra participates the CTT Conference 2016

If you would like to use the power of the values-culture in your organization, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always looking forward to new exchange!