Building a values driven organization

Building a values driven organization
Impressions of the Le-ad Masterclass with Richard Barrett & Hendrik Backerra
On the occasion of Richard Barrett book launch of his german back the Le-ad masterclass took place on the 21.4.2016 in Berlin.
The famous quote by Peter Drucker “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”- brings it to the point.
High flying strategies have only a chance to be adopted by the employees of an organization if the culture of the organization is supporting that strategy and enables all employees to actively support the realization of that strategy.
Far too often business leaders focus extensively on market driven strategies and aspirations only- the “what”.
Human motivation is touched by questions who answers the “why” and the “how”.
A strategy which will win the mind and hearts of the employees must therefore include all three questions: “why”, “how” and “what”
Mutual shared values and a clear understanding what behavior these values support is crucial to create a organizational culture which supports the achieving of the desired strategy.
Richard Barrett´s approach of the 7 levels of values and the “culture values assessment” is a powerful and proven way to create such a thriving culture.
It requires an openness of the leaders to the perspective of all employees and the trust that tapping into the collective intelligence of the organization will bring more inspiration and direction into the organization than a simple “top-down” strategy.
If you would like to use the power of the values-culture in your organization, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always looking forward to new exchange!