About Thilo Keller

During his Media and Communication studies (UdK Berlin) Thilo discovered his passion for improving interpersonal and corporate communication. He was intrigued by the effects communication can have on both the sender and receiver. In his advertising and PR work for the German Federal Government he introduced an award winning mobile video studio into government communication – in Germany the first real governmental communication approach based in dialog.

His time as a yoga teacher ignited his interest in the interactions between body and mind and led him to training as a systemic coach. Thilo is driven by the impact that his work has on improving peoples lives and interactions. Especially how internal images and locations, subconscious programs and physical states have an effect on our words, actions and personal preferences.

This multitude of experiences in various fields has led not only to Thilos wide perspective but also to a deep and precise perception of development needs and approaches.

Vita / Qualifications

Thilo Keller has started to develop an understanding of the complex interactions between body and mind from early on: At the age of 14 he held presentations about toxins in our food and looked at the impact of nutrition on our well-being. This topic has been part of Thilo’s work until today, some of his teachers were Hartmut Tulaszewski and Prof. Dr. med Gustav Jirikowski.

After his degree in media and communication – his thesis was about “Virtual and Interpersonal Communication in Work Environments” – Thilo worked many years as a project manager for integrated communication for the German government. Parallel to that Thilo intensified his embodiment studies since 2005, since 2007 he has been working as yoga teacher and coach with trainings and certifications in NLP, Social Panorama, SySt®, hypnosis and NeuroColor. In the past years Thilo shifted his focus more and more on embodiment in the realms of team and leadership development.

In the team of Hendrik Backerra Consulting, Thilo coordinates and develops various client projects and offers coaching for private clients, based on NeuroColor.